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Look after your soil and it will look after you.

Would you like to have over 1.5 t/ha of extra feed on your farm? Physiolith Soil Conditioner produced these results in on-farm grazing trials in 2015.

Don’t take risks with your soil’s health. Invest in your soils this spring by applying Physiolith Soil Conditioner.

Applying 2 bags/acre in Feb/Mar will ensure Soil Health and Fertiliser efficiency are maximised for the season ahead.

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Nutri-SYSTEM Fertilisers

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New Innovative Range of NPK fertilisers with Phased Release Nitrogen and Sulphur & Sodium

Includes Plant Biostimulant for enhanced Nitrogen uptake and utilisation


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Actisan, thanks to its active agent, reduces significantly pathogenic microorganisms present in animal beddings (coliforms, streptococci and staphylococci)

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